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Hi, I’m Jamielynn, otherwise known as “JJ”. I believe in creating a relaxed environment where we can trust our stylist. One of Rogue House’s values is honesty and our stylists are trained for authentic conversations in relaying what is possible with your hair.

From my experience, I have seen many salon cultures exposed to a toxic environment. This created my passion to change the script and create a new culture where hairstylists communicate honestly and authentically in a chill environment. I am blessed to be trained by Landmark Education, Tony Robbins Seminars, Entrepreneur’s organization, Multi Millionaire coaches, Salon Owners and be a certified Executive IPEC life coach. With this training, I hope to change the lives of how we view a salon atmosphere.

By doing so, I am here to change the world, one person at a time and it starts with my team. I’ve created “Elevate, own your growth” for my team members to be empowered and mentor through their journey in life and career. I believe work/life balance is a fundamental key element in thriving. For example, I do not like to call my team, employees, but team members and consistently make sure my team is supported in their life. By doing so, if their mental wellness is not vibrating on a high frequency, I have an honest conversation of having them not come to work because they want to be at their best for our clients.

My team pow wow are chants with the words, “Elevate, Elevate, Elevate”. When they elevate, I elevate and I’m their biggest cheerleader. Nurturing like a mom, respectful as a leader, growth as an Entrepreneur and most importantly Swag vibes for being a Boss babe. It’s how I elevate and relay to my team. For you, it all starts with that one haircut that can mentally put your mood in a world where you too, can elevate.

The word ”Rogue House” is defined as, “Rogue” a hair artist that is comfortable in their own skin and passionately loves making a difference in the world. “House” comes from community and being under one roof.

Welcome to Rogue House Salon.

xoxo jj

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