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It’s finally summer in NYC! Aside from beach trips, frozen margaritas and beautiful sunsets, summer is also the perfect time to change things up with your hair!

Looks from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and Y2k are making a huge comeback, and with plenty of styles to choose from, we’ve rounded up TOP 3 of the biggest hair trends to try this season.

1. The 90’s Haircuts

Think soft layers of Rachel from “Friends”, OR the airy layers that Kate Moss is known for. Not only does this style work great on all hair types, but it also adds movement to your hair without losing length.

To get the look, ask your stylist for face-framing layers starting below the chin, just like what our stylists did in the examples below:

2. Pixie, Bixie, & Mixie

With the warmer weather comes requests for shorter (and shorter!) haircuts! Strong, bold, and sexy – shorter haircuts always have a way of enhancing your best features. Whether you go for the chic pixie, trying a bixie, or loving the mixie, your stylists at Rogue House Salon are up for the challenge!

3. Wolf Cuts and Soft Mullets

It went viral on TikTok for a reason! The wolf haircut is a trendy, modern take on the shag. You’ve seen it worn by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilis, among others.

To get this look, ask for face-framing wispy layers and a haircut that is short around the hairline with still some length at the back like a mullet.

Wolf Cuts and Soft Mullets

HAIR Consultation

The good news is, these hair trends can be customized according to your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. The key in achieving this starts with proper communication with your stylist before the appointment. Click here to request for a consultation

xoxo JJ

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