Denim Hair Party with Eleven Australia

RHS launches Eleven Australia Denim Vibes for Eleven Australia. Inspired by Eleven Australia’s fit for fashion and hair esthetic. Our hair party had the cutest denim braids that made every influencer photo shoot ready.   Rogue House Salon parties are always lit. It includes a uniqueness which we define, as swag and something unusual.  An … Read More

NYFW Spring 2019 with Afffair

NYFW is one of the biggest events in the city. It is a time where everyone comes together under one roof, photographers, make up artist, hair, fashion designers and influencer. Rogue House Salon was thrilled to work with one of the biggest designers in Europe, Rufat İsmayil for Afffair. Rufat’s fashion wear has been worn … Read More

Products We Believe In

At Rogue House, we only carry products we love and work with brands we believe in. Products that are organic, cruelty free, vegan and paraben free are always our first choice. Although we love organic products, we love other products as well. Products that are chemically enhanced are able to manipulate the hair into your … Read More

Regular Day at the Salon

What is a client to expect? If you haven’t visited our site and have no knowledge, the look we get is “what am I supposed to do?”. The first thing we like to say is “Make yourself at home”. Sit at the bar, enjoy a drink or conversate with anyone whom is next to you. … Read More

Vivids are a Self Expression of Color and Style

Direct additives are emerging in every hair product and are being used in consumer goods. Understanding the benefits and longevity helps sustain hair colors for unwanted brassy tones.   The technique began with the original hair coloring, Manic Panic. Tish and Snooky, the founders of Manic Panic, defied the norm to create a truly innovative … Read More