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What is a client to expect? If you haven’t visited our site and have no knowledge, the look we get is “what am I supposed to do?”. The first thing we like to say is “Make yourself at home”. Sit at the bar, enjoy a drink or conversate with anyone whom is next to you. It’s literally a hang out spot for our clients. Think lounge and get your hair done.

Clients enjoy it so much that sometimes they stop by just to hang out because they know they can hang. We usually got a drink for you, so why not? Once seated at your chair, you vibe out. Relax or talk, just hangout at our living room. We guarantee it will definitely give you the East Village, New York experience.

As your getting your hair done. The magic happens. Connect with a client, study or read a magazine, which don’t get do that often. Bring food, order it in or stop by our favorite spots on 7th street. We’ll help guide you.

Everyday is different and we find a uniqueness in it. The furry ones have our heart and pop in the shop because we offer bacon bites. We believe the dogs talk to one another because we get unexpected new dogs that come in. We love dogs so much that we know a lot of their names.
The neighbors pop in and say hi and our mail man thats stops by every day. We’ve started a community that just like, “Cheers” (a television show), everyone knows your name.

Lets not forget the filming that goes on. Occasionally, we will get sets like Jessica Jones, in which our small shop has a feature. We’ve had Justin Timberlake, Luck Cage, Allen Wooden on our street. Just a few to mention that goes on. If your at our shop, you can catch a lot of film sets during the summer. You can’t miss them because they’ll be parked right in front of the shop.

When your hair artist is done with your hair, we will take a selfie and our clients get to use it for Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram. We can take it or you can take it, whatever suits you. Will help guide you with our social media training. Just don’t forget to tag us. #roguehousesalon.

As you leave, we will guide you to success with your hair path. Offer products and maintenance to keep your hair in longevity.

Lastly, our infamous sign, “ It’s All Good Here”, you will see people take snaps of it and as you walk in and walk out, you’ll remember, that it truly is a all good here. A place to self express and be comfortable while getting your hair done.

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