Rogue House Embraces Their Neighbor’s on East 7th Street

Rogue House Salon New York

7th Street in the East Village is a true gem. When Rogue House Salon first opened, the nearby business owners were so kind and generous. The first businesses to open their arms to us were Agavi Organic Juice Bar and Cupcake Market — they’re both truly great and passionate about what they do.

Cupcake Market makes specialty cupcakes. Their owner, Sara, came up with a special recipe and shares her baked goods like a true baker. She smiles as she gives her tasty cupcakes. We’re very lucky because our clients enjoy them too! Cupcake Market has everyone talking about their custom made face cookies. As you walk by our Rogue House Salon, don’t forget to pass their window showcase and see what the buzz is about!

Agavi has two athletic fit men who makes the best açaí bowls. Their products are local and organically produced to preserve the high quality in the ingredients. If one of our clients get hungry, we have the Agavi’s menu ready — for a long service , they’re a healthy and delicious option just two doors down.

7th street is full of unique places to try. We have a committee of business owners on the street who get together to support and keep everyone in the loop. Our community is strong and we continue to refer are clients to try the best of everything. Our hair artists knows the ins and outs of the neighborhood and love to spread the word about businesses they believe in!

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