Rogue House’s Hair Artists Showcase Work with Raw Artist

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At Rogue House Salon, we like to call ourselves “Hair Artists” instead of “hair stylists.” We use the term Hair Artist because we’re truly artists that create hair, not just someone who just shows up and does the job.

Our team gets excited to do projects. In fact, we’ve created many looks to express ourselves. Raw Artist, an international independent art organization, gave us the opportunity to do so. Their mission is to provide independent artists the tools, resources, and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity.

Many of our stylists have created showcases for Raw Artist. Their founder was excited to collaborate with them because they are a self-funded organization enabling to help others. We love to work with brands we believe in.

Our owner, Jamielynn, was first given the opportunity to showcase her work. She loves how vivid coloring can express a person. Color is art and emotion displays colors.

“I was always fascinated by colors displaying emotions,” Jamielynn explains. “Palettes can change the tone in the way we view things.” Her showcase “Be a Rebel” was about empowering your vivid colors through self expression. Soon after, Jamielynn became one of the ambassadors for Manic Panic.

Our hair artist Daisy was fascinated by imaginary visuals of beauty. She sees and creates all things in beauty with art. Raw Artists gave her the opportunity to create an art show, “Hair Throughout the Seasons.” She blew the roof off with her artistic hair extensions that took months to make. The pieces were unlike no other, the beauty of seasons became real.

Daisy took her artistry to a new level. She literally crafted hair into art. For example, hair was wrapped around a crown and carefully placed Swarovski crystal. She hand painted leaves and sprayed them to make a headband. Hair flowers were wrapped into roses all creating displaying different seasons. Soon after, beauty companies became interested in collaborating with Daisy and an article showcased her success. Because of her expertise, Daisy became a hair educator for Glam Seamless.

Raw Artist is special to us because they allowed the stylists at Rogue House to become the hair artists we’re known for!

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