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Rogue House Salon is a full service salon for New Yorkers on the go who want swift service in a chill environment. Whether you’re getting a simple touch up or a full service from our Swag Pack, Rogue House is here for your hair.


Please review our PRIVACY POLICY before booking a service.

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You want the best for your hair, but aren’t sure what that look might be?

We can help with a complimentary consult. We work with you to get the new hair look you want.

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Swag Packs

Our best services packaged

Hair Envy
Enjoy hands-on hair care with a fullhead balayage and a haircut. $294
*Re-touch on your full head hair color from 2-4 months of regrowth. Hair projects and fresh highlights with foils priced separately.

Hair Refresh
Get your head color refreshed with a half head balayage and a haircut! $243
*Re-Touch on your half head hair color from 2-4 month of regrowth! Hair projects and fresh highlights with foils priced separately.

Hair Upkeep
Gloss, Hair Dusting and Blow To Extend Your Look’s Life $99

Hair Intro
Jumpstart your hair care with a hair dusting, face framing, and blow dry $153
*Face framing is considered a 6 pieces of balayage strands or 6 pieces of foils

Hair Protein
Satisfy your hair’s need with a Nano Protein Syringe, Hair Dusting and blow dry $99

*Available to all clients with mention or at the time of booking.

10 Minute Express

Full Root touch up In An Hour: $119
Our express service for women on the go. Get your roots and blowdry in and done in an hour!
Usually takes 2 hours.


Short Haircuts $49-$79
Get a short hair cut, fade, pixie, short layers. For both women and men!

Medium Length Haircuts $79-$95
Enjoy a detailed, textured, and styled haircut.

Long Length Haircuts $95-$110
Hair is long, goes past the waist price to match with length, texture and density.

Hair Dusting $45-$55
Get rid of your split ends by having your hair cut dry and dusted in its natural state. Dusting runs a quarter inch.

Bangs $10- $20
Haircut will include bangs only or bangs with face framing for blend.
Bangs are complementary with your stylist

Special Offers

We appreciate all our clients! To see how we support you, check out our promotional offerings below and see how you can save on your next appointments!

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Chemical Service

Single Panel/Face Framing $64-$173
Frame your face how you want with single panel framing that runs from the hairline and front pieces to your crown. Includes blow dry. * No Blow dry is less, please ask your stylist.

Half Head Highlight  $193-$233
Includes the front of the hair and top crown with foil weaved in and finished with a blow dry and style.

Full Head Highlight $193-$325
This service is for the whole head and includes a blow dry and style.

Balayage/Ombre $193-$293
Hand painted technique customized to your complexion and hair coloring goals. Blow dry included.

Foilayage $250-$350
Foilyage is a painting technique done in foils that will mimic the look of balayage. This is PERFECT for brunettes and girls wanting to be super blonde. This technique creates the ultimate vibrant strands of color. Blow dry included.

Root Touch Up
Roots Only $85 (1/2 inch of regrowth)
Wash and no blow dry

Single Process
More than an inch of growth $89-$119
Single process for either roots or all over hair coloring.
Root touch up with toner $119-$163
(Includes blow dry and style)

10 min Express Single Process $119
A full root touch up only on your greys and color matching in one hour with blow dry.

Ioz Retouch $43-$53
Retouch your hairline and crown of the head. No blow dry included.

Double Process $193-$450
Availability varies for project. This is a double process that includes a root touch up and balayage OR full bleach out and tone.
Comes with a blow dry and style.

Retouch Platinum Blonde $153-$223
Makes your roots match with a quick retouch.

This is a great time to consult with your stylist. Text us a photo, book a free facetime consult or come in for a consultation. This way we can get an idea of what’s needed and ensure your expectations match the outcome. Cost runs $80 an hour (or more depending on the integrity of hair and product needed).

Free! This is great if you aren’t sure what your hair look should be. Come in and let us guide you to look your new hair needs. Click here to schedule.

Gloss/Toner (does not include blow-out) $33-$63
Take away brassiness or add vibrancy with tone.

Gloss/Toner with Blow out $64-$84

Keratin $79-$350
We match our services to your hair needs with Keratin that produces the texture you need (for both formaldehyde or non formaldehyde options). This is a great way to smooth your hair without harming your follicles! Price varies depending on need. Unwanted wavy bangs? That’s a single panel. We also add protein to your hair to help strengthen any lost bonds. Clients leave the product in their hair and wash after letting it set up to 48 hours.

Brazilian Blowout $99-$400
Interested in ‘frizz-free’ hair but want a lighter option than the Keratin treatment? This is for you. This blowout blends your hair’s natural body and wave with a straighter look for a natural shape, feel, and flow to your look.


Blow Outs $43-$63
Varies on hair length, texture and density. Get your hair blown out or styled with curls.

Styling/Updos $74-$137
Style your hair with curls and create an updo for an event.

Braids $10-$74
A simple braid or intricate braid.

Hair Treatments

(New!) L’oreal Serie Expert Powermix – $25
Personalized treatments made from a high concentration of pure ingredients and rich conditioning agents that transform hair and give the nourishment and shine without weighing it down.

Olaplex $50
Rebuilds and reconnect your bonds with a reparative that fits into any coloring service. This is a 3-step system with great results!

B3 $50
Prevent damage and reconnect your bonds during your color service with this one step reparative.

B3 Demi Permanent Conditioner $50
Repairs and conditions your hair with technology that works to reconstruct and strengthens your hair by cutting moisture loss and protecting against heat. Works to cut blow drying time.

Malibu C $50
This cruelty free vegan hair treatment helps with swimmers’ hair. Whether you need build took out, want to alleviate unwanted dark toners, or wish to rebuild your hair fibers while removing those pesky green water tints, this is for you!

Nano Complex (with blow dry) $74 
This is a temporary and superficial fix for a deeper problem. The keratin proteins and nutrients reach into the cortex and regenerate the fibers below the cuticle. Great for all hair types.

Conditioning Treatment $10-$35
These treatments range for various hair masks or intensive treatments left in your hair. We have different hair masks to suit your hair texture.

Hair Extensions

Tape in: $400-$800
Starting price is $400 depending on how many wefts and length.
Price includes blending and style.

For a pull up application (maintenance) $450

Micro/fusions methods (a strand by strand) $1000-$2,500
Price includes blending and style.

Price for installing clip in
$100-$200 includes blending and style

Keratin tip, tape in and clip in by consultation.

Bridal Hair & Make-up

By consultation. Check out House Of Annex here.


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Hair Color Policy
Rogue House Salon will gladly offer 100% guarantee on all color services within seven days of service. We are not liable for any color service performed outside of our salon. Please keep in mind: color correction requires more than one service to achieve desired results. We will provide you with instructions for maintenance. Rogue House Salon specializes in providing the ultimate color experience and we are excited you have chosen to book your color appointment with us.

Color Application Policy
Please remove all outer garments and jewelry before color application. This ensures we keep your clothing in pristine condition. We are not responsible for your undergarments and provide robes to change in.

Hair Services
All prices provided are base prices that may vary depending on the experience of your stylist as well as the length, texture, and density of your hair. All hair services are non-refundable.

In addition, some hair types require additional time, such as thicker, longer or more textured hair. In these instances, the haircut must be scheduled for additional time and will be reflected in the haircut price. When you call to book your appointment, please let the scheduler know if your hair generally requires more time.

Each color service includes a natural texture blow dry “finish” to allow us to see the results of the color service. If you would like a particular finish styling or a change-of-texture blow dry after your color service, please request this at the time of booking. An additional charge will be added for the upgrade.

If you’d like to have your hair styled with heat tools such as a Flat Iron or Curling Iron, please request this at the time of booking and we will accommodate your request for an additional upgrade as well.

Each stylist is an Independent Contractor and charges their own rates.

Appointment time length is an estimate and can take longer, so please plan ahead to ensure no rush during your hair appointment.

A credit card is required to be stored on file for our cancelation policy of 50% of service fee for any missed, forgotten or rescheduled within 24 hours. We strongly enforce this policy.

Cancellation Policy
We understand that sometimes schedule-adjustments are necessary. Respectfully, we request at least 48 hours notice for cancellations with your stylist. Our appointments are confirmed 48 hours in advance and are reserved for you personally. Please understand that without notice, we miss the opportunity to fill the appointment time with clients who are waiting to see us. Cancellations made with less than 48-hour notice will result in a charge equal to 50% of the price of the scheduled service. “No shows” will be charged for 100% of the scheduled service. Thank you for understanding!

All retail is final

Content for Commercial Use

Clients grant Rogue House Salon the legal rights to use user-generated content for commercial use. This applies when…

1. The content (in any form) is posted PUBLICLY on social media and the brand was tagged or mentioned at one’s discretion.

2. A review, together with a photo or video was submitted through the business’ PUBLIC Yelp, Google or Facebook pages.

3. When the stylists take a photo of their work and client gives their CONSENT.

4. Photos and videos will be credited to their rightful owner whenever possible.


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Prices are subject to change after consultation with you stylist or colorist.
Industry tipping standard is from 15-20%.