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One Word. Butterscotch.

The butterscotch hair color is about to go big, and for good reasons! This color has notes of warm brown sugar and buttery blonde. Butterscotch lives between light golden tones and rich caramel to even copper-caramel tones, then blending them together to create dimension.

Here are some inspirations to take with you to the salon.


Give your summer blonde an update with Butterscotch Blonde. With its subtle hints of gold, butterscotch-blonde is an effortlessly chic way to add a dimension, texture, and sparkle to your hair.

Butterscotch – Brown

Think of butterscotch brown hair as caramel highlights’ fall-approved sister. They both add dimension but butterscotch is a hint deeper and richer, with a shade that has a natural warmth – perfect for the fall season.

Expert Tip: If you have dark hair, we recommend booking a consultation with your stylist to determine the best course of action for you.


The fall season is the perfect time to transition into rich and warmer tones.

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