Vivids are a Self Expression of Color and Style

Vivids are a Self Expression of Color and Style

Direct additives are emerging in every hair product and are being used in consumer goods. Understanding the benefits and longevity helps sustain hair colors for unwanted brassy tones.


The technique began with the original hair coloring, Manic Panic. Tish and Snooky, the founders of Manic Panic, defied the norm to create a truly innovative trend for their generation. Their defiance defined punk rock self expression in the 80s.


Rogue House Salon collaborated with Manic Panic because of their true integral trend that started in the East Village. The book “Tipping Point” describes the mysterious and sociological changesthat began in downtown Manhattan with both rooted locals and transplants. Today’s generation acknowledges the evolving growth of creativity and dynamic cultural pursuits, and the dynamic role ivid hair coloring in self expression. As we like to say in East Village, “anything goes!”


Vivids are not only great in hair color, but Manic Panic offers two in one — vibrancy and a conditioning agent that breaks trends. They’re vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free — a hair coloring product that offers the benefits of protecting your hair.


At Rogue House Salon, not only do we love to create vivids, we create techniques that will make a difference. Vivid hair coloring is long process that can change the integrity of the hair. We use Manic Panic because their conditioning agents actually restore your hair cuticles during the process. Rogue House Salon has extracted the idea of vivid coloring and implemented a terminology that you can relate to.


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