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We are strong believers in the importance of self-care for our mental health. Getting pampered, feeling beautiful, and being confident in yourself contribute GREATLY not only to one’s well-being BUT ALSO to the well-being of those around us.


Self-care means mindfully taking the time to do things that help you live well so you can do your job, help and care for others, and accomplish all the things you need and want to do in a day.

Even small acts of self-care in our daily lives can have a big impact.

Here’s how I personally got started on my self-care journey:

  1. Practicing Gratitude – a daily reminder of what I am thankful for.
  2. Setting Goals & Priorities – learning to say “no” to people, places, or activities that do not align with my values.
  3. Taking care of myself FIRST -this involves asking questions such as “What makes me happy?” “What gives me peace?” and then finding ways to get there.


Taking care of yourself is not selfish.

Self-care is part of the answer to how we can all better cope with daily stressors, explains Kelsey Patel, a Los Angeles–based wellness expert. Research also suggests self-care promotes positive health outcomes, such as fostering resilience, lower risks of illness, increasing your energy, and becoming better equipped to manage stress.

Self-care can look different for everyone, but to count as self-care, the behavior should promote health and happiness for YOU.


You know how confident you are when you feel and look good – a massage, a blowout, or a new haircut for example, impacts how you feel about yourself.

According to several studies, women feel attractive and confident when their hair looks gorgeous and beautiful, versus if they were having a “bad hair day.”

Those results allow us to safely conclude that looks indeed matter and are significant for our self-esteem. It impacts how we feel about ourselves, and how we are viewed in our personal and professional life.


Self-care is a CHOICE that each individual can make to proactively take care of their well-being. If you need help with looking good AND feeling good, you may contact us at 917-983-9177 or email | Instagram: @roguehousesalon

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